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2017 Highlights


My triplets turned 7 on the 7th, thus having their first and only GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. I planned for months ahead of time to make it really special. Just kidding, I went to Party City on the 6th and sent out frantic texts to their friend's moms begging then to come over for a birthday breakfast surprise. Phew. They had a blast. And my little guy finally decided that snow boots weren't that bad. (This took a few years. Now he is all about boots, but gloves are our next task.)


My friends threw this amazing Aspen, ski-themed party where everyone was dressed a la Aspen chic, which included wigs and ski suits straight from the 80s. So many of my best buddies went, and I should have a hundred pictures of the epic night, but the only picture I managed to snap on my own phone was a selfie of me and the sweetest dog ever, Bella.


March Madness baby! We've talked about going for 12 years and finally made a Sweet 16/Elite 8 weekend in one of my favorite cities, New York. After we did the basketball thing, my husband somehow got into my deepest secret desires of living a real live romcom, and commissioned an artist in Central Park to sketch me.


I took a plane by myself, (which has somehow become one of my most favorite things ever to do as an adult) and flew to Utah to visit my family. I did some ancestor hunting and spent a few days in graveyards with my mom. In black and white print, it may sound macabre, but it was special and sacred and now I'm writing a book because of it. I also played dodge ball outside in 40 degree temperatures while wearing a bikini. Although not sacred, that was also pretty special. (I may write more on that later.)


I ran a 5k with my kids and a few buddies from the gym in my hometown and took in a few Red Sox games. Spring! We love you so!


My mom came to visit and we did it all! Celebrated school being out, went to breakfast, went to the beach, went wedding dress shopping for my baby sister (I only cried like, 4 times) and went to the beach some more. Did I mention this month commences BEACH SEASON?! Hooray!


Helped put together a neighborhood float for our town parade, and to everyone's surprise, (except ours) we won 1st place for our "Rockport Zoo." Pretty sure people around town are still talking about it. We also went to the beach, a lot. (Honestly, the beach could be my highlight everyday in the summer.) Oh, and I went to a concert. It was a small indie group you've probably never heard of: New Kids On The Block. Donnie still has my 11 year old heart. My baby also turned 5 and we had a birthday party of garage doors opening and closing!


I got out on the water a lot thanks to being introduced to gig rowing. My brother popped in for a quick visit from Utah! We also took a family trip to New Hampshire and did some mountain stuff like roast marshmallows, splash around in a river and visit the one and only Story Land.


We got a puppy. Honey is going to get her own chapter in my memoir someday, so for now I'll just say we are so grateful she found her way into our hearts and home. We love her to the moon and back.


We said goodbye to our dear au pair Laura who was part of our family for a year. We cried grateful tears. Our hearts were forever touched by her love. We had a wedding in our backyard! My little sister said "I do" in two different cultures to her true love and it was the best weekend of family and celebrating and more grateful tears. Oh, and we went for epic in the family costume category for Halloween.


We took a big fat family trip to Utah for Thanksgiving and a continued wedding celebration. Perhaps you've already read my tale of crawling in the back of the suburban, but don't let that be your only impression of our trip. It was so fun. Also, and my sister BOWLED A TURKEY. Still can't get over it.


My kids are 7 and 5 so the entire month leading up to Christmas is one big highlight. And writing these blurbs and looking back on my year, shoot, life is pretty good. I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for me.  

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