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Take Up Space

I’m a sucker for a new year. It’s a big ole blank canvas of possibilities. Call me cliche, but I’m all about the reflection of the old and looking forward to the new. The gym I go to started this list where everyone could put their best moments of 2017 and than any goals for 2018. You can catch my highlights on this post if you haven't already. My 2018 goal is a little less wordy.

I wrote for 2018: “More speaking my truths and more tacos.” (I care deeply about both of these concepts.) I went to a yoga class on New Year’s Day. The class was designed as an “intention setting” class, which is lovely, and I should’ve prepped my mind and heart a little more, but honestly, my only intention that day was to escape mom duty for 120 minutes and make it to that 3-7 minute nap at the end. But while I was kneeling and bending, the instructor said, after asking us to put our arms out, take up space, be you, you have a lot to offer this world. And suddenly, my heart did that kind of mini lurch, you know the one where tears well up in your eyes and your bones register truth.

Take up space.

Take up space.

Take up space.

Those talents and strengths and gifts you have? They are needed in this world. They matter. The universe needs you. Even if you think your talents and strengths and gifts are not enough, they are. Even if you don’t think you have any talents and strength and gifts, you do. Maybe this is the year that you find them.

You matter. What you have to offer matters. Take up space. Don’t apologize for who you are. Be who you are. Share yourself in a meaningful way and be a part of this large tapestry we are all weaving together. Being your authentic self is pure freedom. This is one of my fundamental truths, and taking up space exactly as you are, without apology and without hesitation will lean you in that direction.

Now I’m off to get tacos.

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